Island Defence

Year: 2022

Genre: Tower Defence

Platform: Windows PC

Island Defense is the best game I've ever made for school. I made it with 4 other students in 10 weeks, and the teachers were very positive about the project.

Tower defence

In this project, I was responsible for all the tower defence mechanics of the game. I started with making the pathfinding for the enemies. I made a waypoint-based pathfinding function for this project because the paths aren't dynamic and it's the easiest way to make the pathfinding.

Complete game-loop

This project was also the first school project that I made that was completely polished with a complete game-loop, from starting the game to ending with a win or lose.


In this game, you win if you survive all enemy waves without losing all your gemstones. You can place towers to defend your gems from enemies!


You lose a gemstone if an enemy arrives at the chest in the middle of the island, and takes the gem back to the sea. You have 7 gems, and these are your lives. Losing the first 6 isn't fatal, but if you lose your 7th gem, it's Game Over!


I was also responsible for the economy of the game. Therefore, I had to make enemies drop coins, and let you buy towers and upgrade them. We also added a mine minion that just farms coins for you.

If you want to buy a tower, you first select it in your hotbar. If you've selected your tower, you'll see a preview of the tower. This preview also shows you what the range of the tower is.